67 Elizabeth Street, Malvern



It’s all in a name. Reserve residents have endless reserves of pleasure at their fingertips thanks to a location that gives them easy access to the best of Malvern, Armadale and Toorak. Sitting pretty in the centre of Melbourne’s most prestigious trifecta, there’s no limit to the amount of indulgence that can be fitted into one day at Reserve.

Reserve’s distinction is the product of many elements working together in harmony. Conceived in a boldly contemporary material palette arranged in a stunning linear geometry, the striking form of this abode finds its perfect complement in lush landscaping to the periphery. Opening through the centre as a warm extension of welcome to residents, this timeless form both hints at and extends the reserves of pleasure lying within.

Modern Living in Melbourne’s Capital of Refinement

Reserve’s broad-reaching commitment to superior quality is made manifest in the robust material palette that constitutes its architectural form. Composed of texturally lush brickwork, copper-tone window frames and executed with an expert eye for proportion and scale, these are residences that are built to accommodate luxury.

Robust yet sensual. This is the architectural paradox that defines Reserve’s vision.

Interiors are informed by the desire to achieve a modernity that endures, expressed through a material palette that takes the best aspects of contemporary practice and articulates them in a form that unites style with comfort. Like your sense of home, Reserve’s design is destined only to become stronger with time.

With its clean neutrals, soft lighting and luxurious textures, Reserve evokes feelings of serenity that are fortified by the knowledge of uncompromising quality. In everything, these homes strive to capture what their name would suggest: reserved oases wherein occupants can find endless reserves of sensory gratification.

The quality of the spaces is affirmed just by looking.

The uncompromising calibre of Reserve’s bathrooms — not unique to the rest of the home — is undeniable in all its artful beauty. Each of the natural elements that make up the material palette contribute something unique to the character of the space, resulting in a visually stunning room wherein texture, form and function are each given equal consideration.
Reserve, with its underpinning of comfortable elegance, provides the perfect foundation upon which to build the life of your dreams. Already equipped with those elements required by a thoughtful home — such as natural light intake and considered spatial arrangements — Reserve stands ready for you to make it your own.

Every natural and architectural advantage has been fully utilised to the benefit of residents, culminating in a breath-taking rooftop space accessible by residents of the two uppermost apartments. Harnessing spectacular views over Malvern and enhancing them with landscaping by Jack Merlo, Reserve is where potential is realised.

There’s no such thing as too far.

Hoarding a reserve of cultural riches within its borders, Malvern’s privileged location nonetheless opens up a world of opportunity just beyond your doorstep. Reserve residents will enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes from being able to jump between suburbs with ease — from brunch in Hawthorn to shopping in South Yarra — made even more efficient by the strong transport links tying it all together.

A Pioneer of Good Taste

Malvern is a suburb with endless reserves of pleasure; a supply that is getting richer by the day. As an established family community that has historically been looked to as Melbourne’s capital of refinement, it is now reaping the rewards of a stellar reputation and a privileged location as designers, innovators, foodies and other pioneers of good taste jostle to set up shop in this richly cultured, abundantly charming suburb.

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